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West Warren-Viola Utility District obtains its water supply from the Barren Fork River. The water treatment plant presently has a capacity of 4,500,000 gallons per day potable water. The District’s storage facilities consist of four potable storage tanks. The District operates a .9 million gallons per day wastewater treatment facility located on Sunny Acres Road in Morrison, Tennessee.

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Water Tank
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Treatment Plant

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Frequently asked questions

Payments by check can be mailed to:

West Warren Viola Utility District
PO Box 61
Smartt, TN 37378.

Please do not mail cash. West Warren Viola Utility District is not responsible for payments lost in the mail.

Cash, check and credit card payments can be made at our office which is located at:

141 Sunny Acres Road
Morrison, TN 37357

If you are renting/leasing, you will need to provide a copy of your rental agreement or lease.  This will need to have the address you are renting/leasing, date of move in and must include signatures.  A service charge of $30.00 and a deposit of $100.00 are required at time of signup.

If you are purchasing/own, you will need to provide a sales contract, property tax record or some other documentation that proves you are purchasing the property or are the current owner of the property.  This documentation must include the address of property and signatures.  A service charge of $30.00 and a deposit of $50.00 are required at time of signup.

Please be prepared to provide a valid photo identification document.

Most often high bills are a result of increased water use.  Changes in outdoor water use such as watering a new lawn or using a new sprinkler system are usually responsible for large increases.  Reading your water meter before and after watering can help you identify how much you are using.

In most cases an unusually high bill could be caused by a leak, the most common being a toilet leak.  A single “running” toilet can quietly waste over 1,000 gallons of water in a single day.  Fortunately, repairing toilet leaks is usually easy and inexpensive.  Detecting leaks elsewhere in your plumbing system might reveal other sources of water loss.

If a customer has a lawn sprinkler system, or any tap size larger than a ¾” tap, the customer is required to install and maintain a backflow prevention device to prevent water system contamination. The device stops water from running back into the system if there’s a drop in pressure or a backpressure situation.

For example, if the fire department activates hydrants in response to a fire, the change in water pressure could cause water in a sprinkler system to flow backward into the home’s water supply. Fertilizer or bacteria could contaminate the water system for not just the one home but for others in the neighborhood. In some communities, there have been serious issues because of backflow—including e. coli contamination.

The Safe Drinking Water Act and state law require homes with irrigation systems and large taps to have backflow prevention devices. The law also requires that West Warren-Viola Utility District test these devices once a year. The fee for the test is $40, which is the average amount required to cover our costs for administering the program. This test is required by law.

Pay Online or Over the Phone

We offer the ability to pay your bill online, as well as over the phone through our automated IVR system. To pay online, simply click the Pay Online button located at the top right of the page. To pay by phone, you can call the automated system at (888) 785-1809.